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In which I have had a knitting amnesty all over the living room floor

Things I have started knitting and not finished:
- one secret project (very large, ongoing)
- three rainbow coloured beasties (all on the same needles, so I can use one colour at a time for the three of them)

Things which are finished, but not actually finished:
- 6 hats (not sewn up)
- 2 teddy bears (ditto)
- 2 rainbow coloured beasties (ditto, also with heads separate)
- 35 blanket squares (to be blocked, and checked that they are approximately square)

That could be worse - I thought it was, actually. (And it will be, when I start knitting another bear.) But I do badly need to sit down and sew things up - also to set a point when I will stop collecting things, and send a batch away.

The problem with the beasties is that they are on thin, fairly new bamboo needles, and although I like the way the stitches don't slide off bamboo when I'm not looking, in this case I can't get them to slide at all without hurting my fingers on the pointy needle ends!
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