Jen (ylla) wrote,


I have no idea where August went. I know what happened to July - I was away for most of it - but August just vanished. At least it means that you can move about the city again - and we seem to be having all our August weather in September anyway (the last week of August had the autumn bite to the morning air, but not now!)

This means that things are about to start up again - Dunedin tomorrow, and the fiddle class next week, and NS probably the week after that, but their website is dead. I'm not sure if I'm pleased about this or not.

In other news:
- I've finished reading the book about Pellew, and started reading one about the weather (which is *almost* Age of Sail - the real developments in recording and forecasting are early Victorian, but you can see the seeds of it earlier, and it's all tied up with using the winds). I looked at the books I bought in the Blackwell's 3 for 2 offer, and the books I bought at the book festival, and the books I bought at last year's book festival and still haven't read, and decided I better get on with them.
- I walked the Borders Abbeys Way from Abbotsford to Selkirk the weekend before last, and from Selkirk to Ashkirk last weekend (I meant to get to Hawick, but I got a bit lost where the signposts were dubious, and I had a deadline for getting home and it was too hot to hurry). I would like to get to the end (back to Melrose) by the end of the year, but I tend to get distracted from local projects...
- I have a bruise on my knee where a stile attacked me.
- Despite having had too many adventures (and having one coming up this weekend), I'm going to a dancing weekend in Oslo in October.
- I have been at two weddings in three weekends - I thought I was too old for that!
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