Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which I am busy and confused

I have been annoyed that a Collingwood society talk that I really wanted to hear was the same night as the fiddle class's end of term party, so that I couldn't go to both.

So I was pleased last night when they told us that the class that night had been cancelled for parents' night at the school - only it turns out that the party was actually the week after that anyway, and now it's a week later again it clashes with the last night of New Scotland, which I'm usually free for.

This is, to be fair, fairly typical of my diary management!

I had a lovely time in Oslo last weekend - possibly too good, because I've been grumpy ever since I got back! I flew out late Thursday night, because I'd have wasted half of Friday travelling otherwise, and spent Friday walking in the woods, and then went down to Asker for the dance workshop, where I kept meeting Oslo people I knew, and people I kind of knew from Oslo and all over the place. It was great fun, apart from having brand new dancing shoes and therefore Sore Feet, and there was lovely food, including DIY waffles for breakfast. I finished the weekend with the traditional ferry trip round the Oslofjord islands, and then travelled home with an odd feeling that I hadn't actually travelled out, it had been so tucked in between the end of the day and a very late bedtime!

This weekend is theoretically more peaceful, and in practice may involve going on the Waverley in the rain.

Oslo was just that bit ahead of Edinburgh with the autumn colours, but having got my winter coat out to go to cold Norway, I've been quite glad of it in cold Scotland since I got back. Two more weeks of light, though...
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