Jen (ylla) wrote,

Knitting amnesty take 2

Things which are now actually finished:
- one secret project (very large)
- one secret project (less large)
- 2 teddy bears
- 6 hats
- 29 blanket squares

Things I have started knitting and not finished:
- 5 smoothie bottle hats (all on the same needles)
- one new blanket square
- a Christmas secret project!

Things which are finished, but not actually finished:
- 5 rainbow coloured beasties (basically done, but with about a million feet to be sewn on)
- 6 blanket squares (to be blocked when there is space on the board)
- 10 smoothie bottle hats, which look more like small jellyfish
- 6 new blanket squares, in autumn colours

It's getting there. I might save the beasties for the second batch and make up a parcel to send away as soon as all the original squares are blocked.

I would post pictures of things, but some of them I can't until they stop being secret - so I'll wait.

And I have a lovely new knitting icon, courtesy of lost_spook :)
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