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In which I am tired

I am tired, but at least I have nothing but myself to blame now. This was one of the hectic weekends of the year, with a dance in Newcastle on Friday night and a dance in Edinburgh on Saturday, both late finishes. Which was fun, but I have utterly failed at going to bed early since then, and I prepared for it with a week which included going down to Newcastle for the Collingwood society on Tuesday and only making the very last train back, which means getting home after midnight.

But at least it was fun. For about two weeks before that I'd been floored by a coldy thing - I came back from the Lakes feeling sniffly and miserable, started to feel less blocked up after a few days and thought I was getting better, then spent the next week feeling like I'd been sat on by an elephant (a description which greatly amused SB). It was a horrible time when even knitting hurt my brain and made me want to burst into tears, so then I was all behind with everything, which is not conducive to restfulness.

I should rest before the Fiddle Festival this weekend!

In more exciting news, I have a new minicousin :-)
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