Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which there are too many things to do

There always comes a point in the fiddle playing challenge when I can't miss any more days, and I have reached it - at least, I can, but there are two days when I'm away from home completely and two when I'm leaving very early in the morning, and I can only miss three of them.

I was doing really well for a while, and then there were too many days when I got distracted and forgot - not that I ever have made it to 300 yet, but I would have done last year if I hadn't got sick.

It is daft to be stressed by things that are supposed to be fun, but I am. And the only one I could reasonably drop out of is Yuletide, which I actually want to do. (And, really, 1000 words of generic slice-of-life shouldn't be a problem - it's just that I want to do better than that.)

The weeks are flying round at the moment - it's Friday and I blink and it's Monday and the week stretches endlessly ahead and then suddenly it's Wednesday night and then Friday again. I think it's because we're so busy at work (instead of telling students to Read The Course Booklet I seem to have spent most of this week telling academics that they wrote in their course booklet that they were going to do the thing that they now haven't done!), but it might just be that I'm getting old, which is an unhappy thought.

Oh well. December is always like this. I'll fight my way through
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