Jen (ylla) wrote,

November stats

Miles walked: 93.9* (1288.4/1200)
Fiddle days: 27/25 (273/275)
Blog posts made: 3/4 (Book of the Month: October – A Tale of Two Cities, Collingwood Society AGM, The Botanical Gardens)
AoS books read: (Most of) one about Captain Vancouver
Fic written: None (I think)
Decent walks gone on: Pottering round Seahouses, Borders Abbeys Way from Hawick to Jedburgh
Walk reports written: Brown, Green and Grey above Borrowdale, Mellbreak and a muddle

*First month under 100 miles, which I'm not very happy about - but there were a lot of other things going on this month, and I had two separate colds!
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