Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which Christmas happened

This year seemed to have the longest week before Christmas that I can remember - of course, last year I only made it through one day of a three day week before getting the norovirus, so dragging myself through an endless week of work was infinitely preferable to *that*, but I still think that this kind of year, with a full week at work and then only one day off in between, is the hardest. And the weather really didn't help, because I was soaked to the skin several times in the past week, and it's a cold time of year for that.

So it's also the first year I can remember where I did most of my Christmas shopping wearing waterproof trousers, although it started to clear up about the time I went out on Christmas Eve, which was a good thing - not just for my shopping, but for all the Calmac ferries which seemed to be sitting waiting to make a dash for it as soon as the weather broke!

I don't quite feel like I've caught up with Christmas yet, but it happened (with added baby), and it was very nice - and I got a lovely Yuletide story and a lovely comment from my recipient, so that's ok - for a few days I was really wishing I'd defaulted (although it was all my own fault!).

The weekend before Christmas I was in Germany, which was perfectly nice but not very restful - I arrived in Heidelberg Friday lunchtime, went to Stuttgart Sturday lunchtime, and flew home Sunday lunchtime, and although I did that on purpose to have an evening in both places, I think I'd have been better staying in Stuttgart and going to Heidelberg for the day, because I never really felt like I'd stopped. Although I would probably have been more relaxed if I hadn't also been frantically writing my yuletide fic and acting as stand in fic_rush in all the gaps!

I really couldn't see what all the fuss is about with Heidelberg - it has a lot of perfectly pleasant generic German buildings in a setting that's pretty enough but no prettier than another dozen along the Rhine or Mosel. I did like that it had a real ruined castle rather than a romantic fantasy, and I enjoyed prowling round it, but even so. I was really more impressed by Stuttgart, I think because there was more 'and suddenly' about it - you'd just be walking along through ordinary modern buildings and then suddenly there would be a big square or an old church or something else different - more variety! And the market was good, and I did all the usual market things and also drank glühbier, which was not worth it.

And today I have once again given up on resting in favour of walking from Kelso to Melrose to finish the Borders Abbeys Way before the end of the year. At least the weather is supposed to be playing nicely!
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