Jen (ylla) wrote,

The year in first lines

My first full year of posts since I'm not sure when!

I am never very keen on Hogmanay - it always seems to want to know why I didn’t do more with the year.

January is long and dark and slow - it's not that there weren't good things in it, but as usual I was counting down the days when the sun would rise before 8.30 and set after 4.30 and so on.

*does a happy dance*

Philosophical realisation for the day: things aren't lost until you are looking for them.

I probably needed some relaxing time, and definitely needed some sleeping time, but now I could really do with some Just Getting On With It Time.

I have been meaning to make a post for weeks now, about how I am tired and want to have nights in now most things have stopped for the summer, but keep having nights out instead - but I've been too busy!

I'm now in Port Charlotte on Islay, in possibly the youth hostel with the best setting ever - the beach would be half a minute away if there was a gate in the back fence; as it is it takes maybe two minutes to go out to the road and round past the neighbour's yard...

Back in Edinburgh, where it seems to have become autumn in spite of the tourists - wet and cold and windy, and with that autumn bite to the air even when it was sunny yesterday morning.

I have no idea where August went.

My cunning plan to solve my not-having-3-things-to-request-for-yuletide problem by asking for Wimseyfic has been foiled by the fact that no one has nominated the Dowager Duchess.

I have been vaguely believing for most of the year that I would go to Salzburg or Innsbruck for a weekend in December - but it turns out that while I was dithering it got really expensive to fly to Munich, so now it looks like I might be going to Stuttgart and Heidelberg.

There always comes a point in the fiddle playing challenge when I can't miss any more days, and I have reached it...
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