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In which I have accidentally made no plans

I am doing the Christmas holidays All Wrong this year - usually there's Christmas itself, and then a week of doing nothing in particular, and then I go off somewhere for a few days on New Year's Day and come back and the holidays are over.

But because this year New Year is a Sunday, and the 2nd is still a bank holiday everywhere (and I badly wanted to go to Wooler, which has no Sunday buses at the best of times), I was away from the 29th to the 31st - and I had to fit in a long sunrise to sunset day of walking before that to get the BAW done, so I had very little time just for lazing. And then I had no one to celebrate Hogmanay with (since tigger_boing was Being A Grown Up elsewhere and SB is in the strange foreign south), and now there are two days of holiday left, more or less stranded outside time, because I'd kind of forgotten they existed.

Walking appeals more than lazing, somehow, because it's not like I'll see much daylight this month otherwise...
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