Jen (ylla) wrote,

Fandom Snowflake Challenge - Day 3

[community profile] snowflake_challenge

One of my favorite things about starting a new year is the blank slate it gives us. Do you find it motivational too? Then this challenge is for YOU.

Day 03

In your own space, set some goals for the coming year. They can be fannish or not, public or private. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

My general goals are much the same as last year, I think - playing the fiddle on 300 days, walking 1000 miles (or 1200, or 1500) over the year, getting out for at least two decent walks a month, keeping up with things like writing walkhighlands walk reports, and reading a book connected to the Age of Sail every month.

More fandom specific, I would like to try to stick to the goal about writing some kind of fic every month, especially since I already owe perfect_duet one from the calendar - but in particular I'd like to be better at commenting and encouraging other people (I think it's partly that it's so easy to read things on my tablet in odd moments, and fiddly to reply).
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