Jen (ylla) wrote,

December stats

(Better late than never)

Miles walked: 155.7* (1444.1/1200)
Fiddle days: 26/25 (299/300) (Oops)
Blog posts made: 4/4 (Book of the month: November – George Vancouver, Collingwood Society: The Great Mutinies, Waterloo monument – Peniel Heugh, Throwback – Abbotsford, plus some catching up on book reviews which are still being backdated...)
AoS books read: I started one about the Lunar Society, but although it's very good it's also very long, and I only got it for Christmas.
Fic written: Homecomings (for Yuletide)
Decent walks gone on: Borders Abbeys Way from Jedburgh to Nisbet, from (Ancrum over Penniel Heugh to) Nisbet to Kelso, and from Kelso to Melrose. Shillhope Law from Alwinton, and a long wander over the moorland edges of the Cheviots from Ingram to Roddam via Linhope Spout.
Walk reports written: None

*After last month's low total, this was the highest of the year - a combination of rushing to get the BAW done, a lot of walking around and to and from markets in Germany, and having my New Year days away before instead of after.
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