Jen (ylla) wrote,

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Adventures and accidents

I had a lovely birthday weekend, despite working on my birthday itself, which I try to avoid - I took Friday off instead and had an adventure with tigger_boing to Kielder (where we went down roads so small that I had to get out and open the gate!) and then via dinner in Ponteland to a dance in Newcastle where we saw lots of other friends. And then back via Rothbury and I went to another dance in Edinburgh on Saturday night, and had lunch with my family (including teeny cousin) on Sunday.

But somehow at the second dance I hurt my foot, and I have been slow and sore and achy ever since, and I don't know if I'm crabbit because of that or if it's just January and I would be crabbit anyway, but it definitely doesn't help - especially since I think it's one of the reasons I haven't been sleeping well. And now I can't knit, because I have lost my orange wool.
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