Jen (ylla) wrote,

Secret knitting projects

I said ages ago that I would post pictures of my knitting projects, but somehow it never happened, because photos are complicated.

This is the original, enormous, secret project - the one which went on from roughly April to September, mostly at the rate of two rows a day.


It's a blanket for my teeny cousin, and its pattern is full of TREES! Also diamonds and stripy bits, but mostly trees.


At the last minute I also made him a hat, since there was plenty of wool left over.


And this is the second, knitted in a mad rush in October.

no title

At the point when I realised that I was desperately hoping my cousin would have a little girl just so that I could knit this, I bought the wool and started knitting it for a very small friend's first birthday instead! (Yes you could make a boy version, but it wouldn't be quite the same, and anyway I disapprove of cardigans for boys.)

I love everything about it, the stripes and the way the shoulders grow and the bumps where the colours change, but my very favourite thing, even more than the edging, is the way that the weird loopy edge from slipping every first stitch suddenly turns neat and useful when you pick up stitches all along it. Even the inside is beautiful.


I tried for the obligatory arty shot, but I forgot to check that the stray ends were hidden!


This was so much fun that I took the leftover wool and started another one, working down from pink, but it's currently stalled because the orange has vanished.
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