Jen (ylla) wrote,

Not-secret knitting projects

Most of my knitting isn't for anyone in particular - I just like having something to do with my hands. So after I had done the first lot of small hats, I started on blanket squares for a charity who were collecting them.

First I made 35 blanket squares - there were 6 colours and 6 patterns (some of which came from the charity's website and some of which I made up) and I did 5 patterns in each colour so most of the squares were different, and then there were 5 stripy ones which were approximately all the same.

The camera didn't like some of the colours very much - they were more colourful than this.

Some of them were dark blue. Some of them had surreptitious stripes in them.


Some of them were bright blue. Some of them had stripes and bumps.


Some of them were greyish-blue. Some of them had grids in them.


Some of them were lilac. Some of them had stars in them.


Some of them were pinky purple (much pinker than that). Some of them had diagonal stripes.


Some of them were purple (much purpler than that). Some of them had hearts in them.


And then some of them were plain, but in exciting wool.


Then I started knitting hats, to use up the extra wool (because I'd had some for something else), and a green and blue ball I bought sort of by accident, and then fell in love with because it was like knitting the sea.


The original pattern stopped having stripes when it got to the top and just went plain, which was ok, but a bit dull.


So after the first one the hats had all sorts of experimental tops, trying different ways of keeping the stripes going - this was the best, I think.


Then somewhere in the middle of that I took a great notion to knit bears.


The pale one was mostly knitted in Tarbert and on the way to Schwalenberg, with the only colour of brown wool that Mrs Hunt had for sale. Then the dark one was mostly knitted in Schwalenberg (with wool bought after we danced outside a wool shop), to the great fascination of the rest of the team - because you knit from the tips of their toes up through body and arms and head and then keep going through head and arms and body and legs again, and fold them over at the top of their head.

Sadly I forgot to take a picture of the state which made my sister ask if I was knitting trees - I'd started sewing the second one up before I remembered.

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