Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which my tablet is broken

My tablet has been mysteriously broken since Saturday, when I tried to turn it off and on again to see if it would play better with the bus's wifi, only to find that it wouldn't turn on - or at least wouldn't get past the boot screen. Having tried various solutions suggested online it does seem like the next step is a factory reset, but I'm trying to at least work out what I'm going to lose - odd photos, but not all that many because the camera is crap (but possibly some interesting ones from where that was the only camera I had), various pdf downloads, probably mostly bus timetables from across the country which will just start gathering again, recordings of various tunes from my fiddle class, which someone else might be able to give me a copy of, and my chrome bookmarks, very assorted. I wonder if that's all?

Oh well. I suppose this should be a lesson to me to back things up better, but it won't be - and also I can't, really, because the tablet doesn't connect to the computer any more.
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