Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which things keep happening

I really need to stop knitting hats. Not that there's anything wrong with the act itself, but I have other projects to get on with, including a new secret one - not to mention all the things which I've promised to organise for people. But the wool is so pretty, and the pattern is exactly the right mix of simple enough to fly through and satisfyingly pretty results, and so I have made three in the last week and a half, or something, when I was supposed to be making fancy squares.

This week is all inside out and back to front - which it kind of can't help when I've been in Newcastle twice in (much less than) a week. But there is no fiddling tomorrow, and tonight I'm calling for Dunedin so I'm hanging about as if it was Thursday, and last night I was at the Collingwood Society and therefore out late, which is unnatural for a Tuesday.

It was Max Adams again, apparently giving us new insights into Collingwood's correspondence - and, well, he did tell us some good new stories, but I wish I was a bit more sure that they were more than that. But it was nice to be back at the man himself (not that I don't love all the Age of Sail miscellanea), and it certainly gave me plenty to think about (my first conscious thought this morning was 'Forrester had read de Vigny!').

The weekend was the Newcastle Festival, and a crowd of us gathered even though we weren't competing (which I was half sorry about and half quite relieved). It was nice to see SB again, and RK, and all my Newcastle friends, and random friends from elsewhere. And DL gave me lots of good advice, and we did some old fashioned putting the world to rights, which hasn't happened so much lately, and then tigger_boing and I came home via Craster where the kipper van was closed and we ate chowder in the cafe instead.

So that was nice, but I wish there were fewer things I still needed to do!
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