Jen (ylla) wrote,

Possibly improving

I am cautiously slightly better - a bit worn out by having been at work today, and still coughing quite a lot, because my throat is irritated, but not as exhausted as I was over the weekend, and definitely not coughing up as much stuff from deep inside me.

I shouldn't say this too loudly, though, because my fiddle teacher has had a bug for more than a month and thought she was better before suddenly being definitely worse. I will try to think of cheerful news instead.

I have been maligning the flowers, apparently - the daffodils in George Square are still green spikes (although a couple of them have bent their heads today), but the daffodils on the sunny slope in front of the zoo have become a blaze of yellow while I wasn't paying attention.

And I have been making plans for another combined Waverley and Age of Sail adventure to the south - this time to sail (or more accurately steam) along the Thames and Medway, and then go to Sheerness and to the dockyard at Chatham.
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