Jen (ylla) wrote,

Not better

I am not better after all - at least, I'm only coughing occasionally, which is something, but I'm still having regular fits of wobbly and worn out, and all my writing gets back to front and inside out if I don't watch it very carefully. Plus having far too much to do and not enough brainpower to do it, which makes me stressed and miserable, which probably makes me feel worse. I could do with this being over.

In between I have been doing odd bits and pieces, just to try to get it off my mind - paying for things, and sorting out accommodation for the Medway trip, and booking a place on a fiddle summer school week at Sabhal Mor Ostaig - which will definitely be a blast from the past, because it's nearly 20 years since I did Gaelic summer schools there (which makes me feel *really* old!). There will be a summer, and I will have energy again, and it is good to have something to look forward to...

I think I had kind of forgotten that there would be a thing called spring, and it would be possible to go out the door without waiting a moment for the cold to bite - although it's been pretty cold again the last few days. The daffodils are getting on well, however, and there is a tree with LEAVES in Princes Street Gardens (I would say it was a hawthorn, since they're usually pretty early and it's that kind of size, but that doesn't sound respectable enough for the gardens. I'll have to have a look not from the bus.)
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