Jen (ylla) wrote,

A busy week

A bit more than a week ago I just suddenly got better - weak and wobbly one day, the next still absolutely exhausted but in a human way which might go away if I slept more. But of course I haven't slept more, and (including the still weak-and-wobbly weekend) I went dancing 5 days out of 6 after hardly dancing for three weeks, because I was running round trying to persuade people to dance in the summer festival, and then finished off with the Scots Music Group concert on Friday night.

I was nearly going dancing on Saturday as well, but in the end I decided that the weather forecast was too good and went wandering in the Borders instead - and Sunday was glorious again, and I spent part of it sitting in the Botanic gardens. That was nice, although not very productive.

Otherwise all my news might be bad - I have gone allergic to my fiddle again, and my camera is broken (orange juice got in it), and my tablet is broken (but less so), and my hat hasn't come back, and I am hunting for halls which is the most dispiriting task ever.

BUT, I am going to the Lake District in daffodil time (which is why the camera matters), and then there's only a week before I go my Easter holidays to the Cleverland I mean Cleveland Way :-)
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