Jen (ylla) wrote,

Busy times

A few weeks ago I made a list of things I was not allowed to stress about:
  • knitting
  • Get It On
  • duolingo

    ... and then realised sadly that this still left just about everything else in the world that I *could* stress about.

    Still, I managed to get some of the silly things sorted out - I made duolingo all go yellow at least for a while, and by determined listening while entering marks I am no longer two weeks behind on Get It On episodes (which really didn't matter, but I was in a state where it did), and I've got the Blanket For No Reason (which DL says would be a good name for a tune) to the point where it is 8 squares by 8, and I could work out how much more wool I would need, and therefore buy the wool for the next secret project at the same time - although now I'm trying not to worry about getting that done...

    Of course, it might have been a good idea if I had made as much progress on some of the other things.

    This week I don't really have time to stress about anything except work, though - it's exam board week, which means that rushing through bits of things which I find far more exhausting than just working hard at one thing. But this too shall pass...
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