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It's how the light gets in

I am falling to bits again. There are holes in my supposedly waterproof shoes which let in all the bog. All my walking socks seem to have holes in the heels, when I can find two the same at all. There is a hole in the collar of my fleece. There are at least two holes in my waterproof jacket - one where it got torn on barbed wire and now the patch has come off, and one where the seam has come undone - and also the seams have come all untaped and leak. And the zip on my bag is broken!

I do however have whole trousers, having done a mad dash across Darlington this morning to buy some after going down to Newcastle last night with none - fine for last night's dance practice, not so good for today's plan of walking on the North Yorkshire Moors. They're the same as some I already had, but still have their belt and their button and don't have mended bits in the pockets to get rid of holes which allowed 5ps to slither down and land in my shoe (a very strange feeling).

The moors were nice, but full of wet mist. I declined to climb Roseberry Topping because I couldn't see it.
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