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No bears yet

I had hoped that the current Secret Project would be finished this weekend, as it's been looking close for a week or so now - and I had plenty of knitting time, especially on trains on Friday, coming back from Great Ayton to Middlesbrough to Newcastle to Edinburgh.

It didn't quite work out, but I was onto the last stripe and pretty close - and then I found a mistake about four rows back and had to tear it all out and fix it - and then I found a mistake way back in the last stripe, and had to go back about 15 rows. I really should have been paying better attention at the time. (If I'd forgotten to decrease, I could probably have fixed it without undoing it, but I've forgotten to increase, and there's not enough spare wool to make the extra stitches and fish them up.)

Still, it's not too far off. And then I can knit BEARS, although probably as soon as I have time for knitting bears I won't want to, and will make something else instead.

Otherwise I've been out walking two days and running a dance practice for one afternoon, and my body is too tired to move and my brain is too tired to think. I'm sure I should be tougher than that...
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