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The year's end

For a month now I have been meaning to write a post saying that I have no idea how it got to be December/the middle of December/the weekend before Christmas/Christmas, and then another few days vanish in seconds, and now December is almost over, and I still have no idea how it happened.

The plan for catching up with myself worked, or is working, after a fashion - better for knitting than for writing, but it did stop me trying to worry about everything at once, which was the main point. (Today I have mostly been knitting thumbs, having declared that I couldn't make two pairs of mittens by Christmas but could by new year...) I might try a proper roundup once the year is not chasing me down with a sense of Doom.

I've been away having adventures on the Cumbrian coast for the last few days - Whitehaven and St Bees Head and the train round all the coast and viaducts to Ulverston - which was good fun. The sun only shone as I was arriving and as I was leaving, but it mostly didn't rain, which is about all you can ask for at this time of year.

And in among the general chaos of Christmas I got a lovely yuletide story, which I have been negligently failing to comment on because I have too much to say and can't get myself organised. One thing I must manage to fix before the end of the year...
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