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In which I am making resolutions again

I'm not sure if I didn't make any resolutions last year, or just didn't write them down. I certainly didn't do very well at recording them, but I did actually manage to play the fiddle on 300 days of the year, for the first time ever - although only by taking it to Cumbria with me at the very end.

I'm going to try a bunch of practical ones again this time, mostly copied from 2016 - not very strictly, but if I manage to keep a record of them it should mean I make an LJ post at least once a month too!
- play the fiddle on 300 days of the year
- walk 1000 miles over the year (and try to be relatively active in the facebook groups again, even if that's just posting a monthly total and odd pictures from the bigger trips)
- go for a decent walk at least twice a month
- write up all my walk reports within a month of the walks
- write a blog post every week
- read an AoS-type book every month (and actually write the reviews!)

Also to go to bed before 11, which I have a sticker reward chart for, but I haven't worked out yet what to do with nights when that isn't going to happen (like tonight, when I'm going to a dance!). Doing just schoolnights doesn't work either, because I'm rarely in before 11 on Thursdays (and breaking the pattern at weekends just makes it hard to get back into) - but getting in late-ish from NS, or late from a dance or concert, or occasionally sitting up talking to good friends until 2 or 3am (as I might do on Friday), aren't really things that bother me, so I don't want black marks against them (this is why the fiddling is set at 300 days, because sometimes I'm just away or busy, and that's fine). It's the hanging round doing nothing in particular but failing to go to bed that's the problem!
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