Jen (ylla) wrote,


We were getting on quite well with spring until this week...

The weather doesn't seem nearly as apocalyptic as promised, but even the university has shut, which is a bit unheard of. (When we had the Really Bad Winter, with inches of snow lying for weeks, it stayed open right through even when every other educational institution in Edinburgh was closed - and today it closed at lunchtime with about a patchy centimetre of snow on the ground. It might have been because it was supposed to snow more about the time people would have been going home, I suppose, or maybe everyone just moaned so much that time.)

For the last couple of weeks I have been going skating on Sundays, which now seems a bit silly, shutting myself up in the cold when I could have been out in the sunshine. It's been great fun, though - Murrayfield runs slightly chaotic classes at Sunday lunchtimes which anyone can just turn up to, so I've been (re)learning how to go backwards and skate on one leg and other complicated things. This Sunday I expected to be out walking, but it doesn't look likely at the moment, so maybe I'll manage a third week in a row.
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