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February stats

Miles walked: 120.2
Fiddle days: 24/25
Blog posts made: 2/3 (Age of Sail in Everything – North Queensferry, Throwback – the southwest coast of Fife)
(I'm behind on book reviews, as usual, but I did also write 4 posts that should have been wrriten in January! Collingwood Society 2018, Age of Sail in Everything – Kendal, Collingwood Society: Lt William Landless, Book of the Month: January – the census)
AoS books read: Most of the book about Thomas Telford which I requested from the library sometime about last June! I might still finish it tonight.
Fic written: None
Decent walks gone on: Quite a bit of the Fife Coastal Path - from Ferry Toll to Aberdour, Aberdour to Kinghorn, and Kinghorn to Lower Largo.
Walk reports written: Staveley Fell, Gummer's How and Raven's Barrow, Brant Fell, Fife Coastal Path section 1 - Kincardine to Ferry Toll, Fife Coastal Path section 2 - Ferry Toll to Kinghorn
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