Jen (ylla) wrote,

Still not spring

(Does anyone else remember the 'still not king' business? Every year I say to myself 'still not spring' and trigger an otherwise vanished memory.)

I mean, it's lighter, and the last remnants of snow are gone (at least in Edinburgh, they were lingering in Fife), and there was one day when the sun came out and the sunshine was warm although the air was cold.

But I think the flowers knew something I didn't, because I was quite happy to welcome spring back when we had the first good weather at the beginning of February. The snowdrops have been going strong for weeks, but the crocuses have been sulking - they've finally shot on in the last day or two - and the daffodils are just green spikes. I want warmth and flowers!

For the last week or so I have mostly been diligently reading my library books, because they were suddenly all due back at once. One was about Thomas Telford, and I had been waiting for it for approximately forever (more than 6 months, anyway) but it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. The second was about night trains, and at least made a late evening journey back from Newcastle go more quickly than usual.

The last one was about Alexander Burnes, and was very interesting up to the point where they got themselves into a silly war and everyone died - I mean, I knew they were all going to die, but I was still sorry, because I'd got to like them. I have essentially no interest in the first Afghan war, or any Afghan war, or the Raj, but most of the book wasn't like that at all - it was a very Georgian story of learning and exploration and discovery, just with an unhelpfully Victorian ending.
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