Jen (ylla) wrote,

Very miscellaneous news

I thought we were done with snow, but I was obviously wrong - on Saturday I walked 18 miles in the cold while soft white flakes occasionally fell on me from the sky, and over Saturday night a new covering appeared, although not more than that. And now there's more snow forecast for next week!

But the equinox is past, and the clocks are about to change (why do we always blame the poor clocks?), and the daffodils have tall heads and the bravest ones are bending them...


I will try to find something to write about which is not the weather.

My campaign to walk the Fife Coastal Path before the end of March (which has been my main excitement lately) is going well, despite all kinds of weather (oops) thrown at it - snow, rain, mud and bitingly cold winds, I think, in that order.

The snow worried me, because it wiped one day out entirely and made the next quite slow - when I was supposed to be at Crail I was only at Elie, and I was busy the next Saturday and had to get through to St Andrews on the Sunday while the tides were right. So very early on the Saturday I was out walking from Elie to Anstruther in determinedly persistent rain, followed by a complicated journey to Perth and back on assorted public transport. The next day was dry, or at least the sky was, but the ground was exactly as you would expect after a day of endless rain at the end of winter. But I made it to St Andrews, and this Saturday I made it through almost endless forest to Newport on Tay, so I'm back on track.

I am, however, gambling everything on a final throw - another 18 miles from Newport to Newburgh on the 31st - because this weekend I'm going to Newcastle with tigger_boing, and we've decided to stay with DL and RM and have a small adventure on the way home on Sunday. So I have to be out the next Saturday come what may - but then I'm getting kind of used to that.

In April I am going to the SOUTH for a whole week. I am not entirely convinced that I will not melt away or explode.

I have a new batch of library books, but two of them are Campion mysteries and therefore do not require to be read diligently. A third is about Scottish plant hunters in the 18th and 19th centuries, and a fourth (about trains again) seems to have got stuck, because it has been saying that it is 'in transit' to me for a week now.

Last week I skived off fiddling to go to a talk (plant hunters, see above), but this Friday is our end of term concert, where my class will play three tunes I sort of know and one I really don't, so I must go along tomorrow and be good.

In knitting news, I can't stop making hats. I badly need a new plan!
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