Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which I really thought we were done with this

I have absolutely had enough of snow, but proper snow is at least kind of pretty, and it doesn't make you wet the way this morning's rain did - wet enough that I hadn't really dried off by lunchtime, because only about half of the heating works in our office, if that. But at least rain isn't slippery, so this afternoon's snow was really the worst of both worlds, because it was slush as soon as it touched the ground. Apparently it's supposed to be lovely tomorrow, but I think I'll believe that when I see it.

I'm still slightly exhausted, but not as much as yesterday, when I was too tired even to knit and in bed by about 10 - I had a sore throat then and thought I might be coming down with something, but that seems to have gone, so maybe it really was just too much walking on not enough food and not enough sleep.

A warning for my adventure to the SOUTH, anyway - I have a tendency to wear myself out cumulatively on a long distance walk, always using up a bit more than I'm taking in. It's a good excuse to eat pudding every night, at least!

I have lots of new wool for exciting new projects, but I have one last hat to finish first...
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