Jen (ylla) wrote,

The wanderer relocated

I am now once again anchored in both space and time - I know where I am (at least roughly - a long way from London but not really in the north yet), and I know what day it is, and I wish I didn’t. (I amused the man on the Chichester Ship Canal by saying ‘it is Tuesday, isn’t it?’, but apart from the general dislocation caused when every day is just another few miles, I started walking on a Friday, so I didn’t have a chance of keeping track.)

The first half of the South Downs Way I enjoyed greatly, despite sore feet and sunburn and the other usual evils, and for some reason I really took to Chichester, where I spent most of my day off, despite it having no particular excitements, but the second half I wasn’t so bothered about - maybe I’d just had enough of downs, but the landscape seemed to feel a bit that way too, because there were no more dramatic edges.

Winchester I just went round and round with sore feet, and probably didn’t appreciate its merits. Today I went to Gilbert White’s house at Selborne, but it was half being renovated, with all the information piled in odd corners, and half filled with a wedding fair, and was generally a bit of a disappointment. I think the people who set it up were more interested in Titus Captain Oates anyway - I mean, I’m moderately interested in him, but I went to the Antarctic exhibitions in London, presumably for the centenary, and I’ve been to Discovery in Dundee, and there’s not likely to be very much new to me in the standard kind of display.

(I’m now in York, which is both a location known to me and indubitably in the north!)
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