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In which it is all a mad rush, as usual

I am finally getting round to plotting my summer holidays, which suddenly turn out to be a month away - the delay caused partly by my uncle's 70th birthday coming right in the middle of the time when we should be in Tarbert and waiting for him to make up his mind what he's doing about it, and partly by me having more holiday time than ideas and finding it very disconcerting, as this is a thing that has never happened to me before.

But I seem to be sorted out now - North Uist for a week, and straight down to Tarbert for a week and a half, and then back to Skye for a week of summer school later on. A very highland summer!

It would have made more sense to go on to Uist from Skye, of course, but that's no use because I have to rush back from Skye to Stirling for the Last Ever Runrig. So instead I have to rush up from Newcastle to Uist, because I'm dancing in Leeds with a crowd on the Saturday and there's nowhere else that the Uist week can fit in. But I can rest in Tarbert, that's what Tarbert is for...

I've been pottering about booking train tickets and ferry tickets and bus tickets, but then I hit a silly question like whether it is better to try to rush home between getting back from Newcastle and leaving for Uist to swap bags or take two lots of stuff with me everywhere, and after this week I don't think I have any brainpower left for decisions.
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