Jen (ylla) wrote,

June stats

I seem to have spent this month busily turning out walk reports for picowrimo and neglecting everything else - although some of the Cleveland Way ones were mostly written already.

Miles walked: 129.7
Fiddle days: 24/25
Blog posts made: 1/4 - at least, I posted two, but I wrote one of them in some other month, and I'm not sure if I counted it then or not.
(Throwback: The Collingwood monument, Collingwood Society: Supplying the fleet)
AoS books read: Finished the one about the Great Siege of Gibraltar and started one about science.
Fic written: None
Decent walks gone on: Catbells ridge, Dale Head ridge, Siccar point, the Cobbler, Broughton Heights.
Walk reports written: Cleveland Way days 1 and 2 - Helmsley to Osmotherley (2017), Cleveland Way days 3 and 4 - Osmotherley to Saltburn (2017), Cleveland Way day off - North Gare to Saltburn (2017), Cleveland Way days 5 and 6 - Saltburn to Boggle Hole (2017), Cleveland Way days 7 and 8 - Boggle Hole to Filey (2017), Catbells and some misty mountains, Two lovely ridges - from Dale Head to Ard Crags)
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