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Boring food ponderings

On Thursday night I forgot to eat any dinner - and forgot I hadn't until about midnight.
On Friday I think I had breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it was all in service stations and things. And breakfast wasn't until after 10am, so I went nearly 24 hours without a proper meal.
On Saturday I had cooked breakfast and wished I hadn't, forgot to have any lunch due to running about trying to find people, and then sort of had dinner - a very small baked potato. But I did eat a packet of crisps and some jelly babies.
On Sunday I had cooked breakfast again, a muffin and an apple for lunch, and burger king for dinner.
On Monday I didn't eat much until 4pm-ish, then had a sandwich and then dinner later (since vililee made me it).
Yesterday I think I forgot to have any breakfast, had lunch, then forgot to actually have dinner (but I ate some bread and a bag of salad and some baby corn).

So... I know I ate badly at the weekend, because I was away and it seemed impossible to get decent fruit/vegetables. That's not what's bothering me.
But should I be worried by this recurring theme of forgetting to eat?
I do it sometimes when I'm stressed/depressed, but I don't really feel either...
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