Jen (ylla) wrote,

Where the dark blue mass of Eaval meets the rising rock of Lee

I am very temporarily stranded on Harris, due to a badly behaved bus which didn't turn up when it was due, or Up To 8 Minutes Later having done a detour on request, or for 10 minutes after that, but then went flying past me too quickly to catch 10 minutes later, presumably full of people who were about to miss the ferry.

I am drinking beer, because it's very important to rest my feet (also because I'm staying on a dry island). And I can look out of the window at the North Uist hills, so it's definitely not all bad.

I've been trying since I got here to piece together my previous trip from fragments of memory. It was a long weekend - I thought one of the old Victoria Day ones when we got Monday and Tuesday off together rather than two Mondays two weeks apart, but I knew that I'd first stayed a night in Lochmaddy and then gone up to Berneray for Saturday night and over to Harris on the Sunday when there were no buses, which suggested I'd come up on Friday.

I definitely walked out to Rodel on the Sunday - my 'road' icon is looking back towards Leverburgh from about halfway along - and I ate my lunch in the hotel there and my dinner in the hotel at Lochmaddy, those being the only places open - which ties in a memory of hitching back to the Lochmaddy road end. And I went to Barpa Langais and ended up owing a pound to the postbus because they couldn't break a tenner, and then I couldn't pay them back because the post office was shut for Easter Monday - aha! That explained the Friday (and I left the pound with the visitor centre, which the post office lives in).

I think Balivanich, where I bought the map I currently have with me, must also have been the Saturday, and the wet morning when I took the bus round the west side just for something to do Monday, before the 11.45 ferry home.

So far this time I have pottered round Berneray, gone to a ceilidh, gone on an RSPB guided walk (about all sorts of things, not just birds), walked right across North Uist, more or less (quite squishy) and climbed a small Harris hill and looked at lots of islands, including St Kilda.
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