Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which I am too far south

For the second time this year I am more south than Southampton - a thing which was unnatural enough once, which may be the reason why it is all going wrong. I went to London to go back to Chatham before my ticket ran out, and did not get to Chatham; I came to the south to Steam Round the Island and did not (because of weather); and presumably this means that I will also fail to walk round the island (three days was always a bit ambitious, since I am not ladyofastolat) and have to go home an ignominious failure.

(phlebas also told me that I was going to The Island, which I know is not true, because I have been to eight islands this year already. I will provisionally forgive the Waverley because I don't think it steams round any other island, and also Fanny Price because I like her even if no one else does.)
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