Jen (ylla) wrote,

Impressionistic views of the IOW coast path

  • There is not a lot of coast in this coast path. Even once it turns up, about 8 miles in, it keeps vanishing again.

  • I am amused by ‘Cowes Moooovers’, but also by the fact that their areas of operation are the Isle of Wight, the UK, and Europe.

  • False alarm at Wooton Creek, which is really no more the coast then the Medina was.

  • Quarr Abbey has stripy pigs today. I had no idea what happens there, apart from monkery, but lots of people walking towards it presumably means tearoom, and did. Black labrador left alone entangling itself in the table.

  • Finally coast at Ryde, hooray. Amused by a roadsign for Portsmouth via hovercraft.

  • Gate at St Helen’s with a sign ‘Warning. Please do not.’ Since it says please, presumably ‘feed the horses’ rather than ‘fall through the gate’, which I promptly proceeded to do, the steps on the other side being a bit worn away.

  • Lucky with the causeway path, as it will be closed for 3 weeks from 10th September, and I would have been very sad not to cross it!

  • I do not see the point of living in a boat if it doesn’t go anywhere. (See also caravans.)

  • Excitement at Bembridge, where much rattling turned out to presage the lifeboat going wheeee down its slope, making a huge splash, and zooming off.

  • Ghosts of trees in the beach were presumably once growing not on the beach. This confused me, because the west coast doesn’t wear away, until I realised I was in the east.

  • Random chalk cliffs in between sandstone ones. Also random giant inflatable watermelon.

  • Giant imposing Victorian monument turns out to be imposing for a reason, as it was built as a seamark.

  • Revetement is a new word to me, and I keep mixing it up with revenants, which I would not like to walk on.

  • Pleased that I got to the top of the steps from the beach at Shanklin without stopping, although I only did the first flight two at a time!

  • I gave up there, as the light was getting very dingy, but half an hour later it was not noticeably dingier, although the sky was pink and orange and pale turquoise. Oh well.
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