Jen (ylla) wrote,

Impressionistic views of the IOW coast path - belated Monday edition

  • Just missed the bus that would have taken me back to where I left off, due to coming in the wrong side of the bus station. But the bus wanders round Ventnor so slowly that I met it coming up as I was walking down from Shanklin town centre, so I didn’t lose any time, just added distance!

  • Path randomly passing through someone’s garden.

  • Lots of things to be potentially prosecuted for this morning, including trespassing, Causing Any Such Damage to the Landslip, and allowing your dog to foul this footway.

  • Tiny church all covered in scaffolding.

  • A whole solar system on the sea wall at Bonchurch, interrupted by a notice about butterflies.

  • Yesterday everywhere in Cowes was serving breakfast well before 9, even though it was Sunday, today Ventnor is only just thinking about opening at nearly 10. Weekend vs weekday, or the contrasting habits of yachtspeople and beachgoers?

  • I finally got a cup of tea at the post office in St Lawrence, halfway up a horrible climb away from the coast again.

  • Monstrous sweetcorn growing beside the path. This is not a thing I am used to.

  • It’s clear on the map that part of the main road between Ventnor and Niton has been closed at some point, presumably because of a landslip, which is fair enough. What amuses me is that, having closed it, the authorities seem to think their job was done - the two going-nowhere ends of the road are still the A-whatever, and the roads presumably used instead are still minor ones with names instead of numbers.

  • Of all the landmarks of ladyofastolat’s walks I expected to look out for, cow poo art was not one of them!

  • Road and paths suddenly ending at a parish boundary below me turn out to be also the result of a landslip, with more of the road visible on the map once you know where to look.

  • Van at Blackgang selling bacon rolls although it’s not breakfast time, hooray!

  • Suddenly sheeps appear, just when I thought the IOW had none!

  • I finally get onto the beach past Hanover Point, even though it means climbing many steps up again - having failed before for various reasons including not knowing where I could get up again.

  • Finally reaching the chalk cliffs after looking at them all day!

  • Shark’s fin of rock and a thing like a giant stone butterfly in the water at Freshwater Bay.

  • I don’t know why Freshwater, because all the fresh water in the area seems to vanish off north to become the Yar.

  • Very buffety winds - from the point where I turned onto the south coast yesterday, really. If this is what stopped the Waverley going round the back on Saturday, I kind of see her point.

  • No dingy light today - open down, and the sun heading for the horizon rather than lurking behind the island hills.

  • Heading for the needles is a swizz, because you can’t actually see the needles from up there!

  • I had somehow lost the bus timetable, which led to much theorising - no evening buses from Alum Bay, but I was pretty sure there were from Yarmouth, and had a hazy idea about Totland. Wifi at the Needles park pretended to work but didn’t, which was annoying, because if it was Yarmouth I wanted to phone a taxi from there rather than waste energy walking up the road! Finally back to Newport at 10, starving.
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