Jen (ylla) wrote,

Island musings

It is proving surprisingly difficult to find or make a list of English islands - I've been to Lindisfarne and Sheppey and now Wight, and to Portsea although I was slightly doubtful about its status, and I knew about Walney at Barrow, and Piel (possibly another edge case), and I knew that the Waverley went to Lundy although I had no idea whether it was inhabited by anything except puffins, and had a vague idea there were more islands at Portsmouth.

In Scotland you can get a decent list by counting islands with a regular ferry (even if strictly speaking it would exclude Benbecula), but England either clings so tightly to its islands that they don't need a ferry at all, or splinters into tiny pieces that would be too small to count if they weren't the only thing around. And then there are all sorts of Scilly things that I thought were unEnglish...


I have been reading a library book about the sinking of the Iolaire, and was interested to find, as a minor detail, that 11 men from Harris were illicitly on board (preferring to walk from Stornoway than wait two days in Kyle for their own transport), and that 2 of those men were from Berneray - which assured me in the summer that it was part of North Uist.

I was sure I had read that all the islands in the Sound of Harris traditionally belonged to Harris, however close to the Uist shore, so it was interesting to have it confirmed that this was still the case in 1919 - practically as well as officially, since the Berneray men were being sent home via Tarbert rather than Lochmaddy.
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