Jen (ylla) wrote,

Impressionistic views of the IOW coast path - belated Tuesday edition

I keep remembering things that I forgot to mention from other days, like the pleasing number of people eating brambles on day 1 - it seems to be a good bramble year - or the large number of cracks in the path on day 2, mostly the kind that come from the earth drying out, but sometimes possibly not!


  • Needles visitor park clattering in the wind, and preparing for the day by sending half its people home.

  • Views of the Needles, hooray!

  • Headon Warren is surprisingly pretty, a winding heathery place which reminds me of the central Lake District.

  • Onto the sea front at Totland, with wild Atlantic waves crashing in.

  • Despite this being my latest start, I managed to come away without any breakfast, couldn't face anything on offer at Colwell, and then started to really regret it. An unexpected but friendly holiday camp shop past Brambles farm finally kept me going with tea and chocolate.

  • The mainland coast has crept surprisingly close since yesterday.

  • *Another* solar system in the woods at Fort Victoria, once again interrupted with butterflies. Other sculptures abound, from surreptitious snakes to a wooden sailor sitting on a bench.

  • High tide, and all the exciting wiggly bits around the Yar are hiding.

  • Into Yarmouth just before 12, and I decide I really need to stop and eat something properly! Waverley cancelled. 5 people in succession decide 50p is too much to pay to walk on the pier and turn back rather than walk on it for free.

  • Great scenes of destruction at Bouldnor, with whole trees lying in the water.

  • Diverted into a field with dozens of signs warning of grazing cows, and no cows. It would be hard to fit them in, as about 75% of the field is gorse!

  • Tempting to cut the corner at Hamstead and guarantee finishing in time, but that loop seems to be the only place the path actually touches the Newtown estuary, which I want to see.

  • Tiny wooden walkways and a strange mix of land and water.

  • A long walk through the woods. So-called lake, another arm of the estuary, is for some reason bright green.

  • Geese everywhere, not yet leaving in Vs, but apparently practicing for it.

  • The church at Shalfleet is giving away apples.

  • Decision time - Shalfleet is basically the last place I can drop out by bus, although there's the option of going on through Newtown and cutting back to the main road from Clamerkin or Porchfield. I might just have made it to the end, but I'm horribly tired after the late finish the night before, and don't trust my speed at all.

  • I do want to see the town hall at Newtown, but just miss the bus hurrying back, which puts me onto the quick ferry rather than the big slow one.

  • Negotiating Southampton is so much easier when a free bus is sitting outside the terminal waiting for you! Station and airport much earlier than expected, only for the flight to be delayed.


    Anyway, sore feet and all, it was great fun, and if I make a third attempt to Steam Round The Island I'll try to come back and fill in my gap - although it might not be next year, because I've managed to remind myself that I haven't been to Lundy yet!
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