Jen (ylla) wrote,

August stats

I seem to have done July and then forgotten about August, which wasn't very clever - I'll try to catch up with September in the next day or two!

Miles walked: 113.7
Fiddle days: 29/25
Blog posts made: 3/4 (Along the Crinan Canal, Throwback: Trinity House Newcastle, Old College)
AoS books read: Started one about Admiral Purvis
Fic written: None
Decent walks gone on: (Most of) Marsco, the Hopegill Head ridge, Sail Beck and Rigg Beck.
Walk reports written: Beinn Shleibhe and the start of a Berneray adventure, Maireabhal from coast to coast, Ceapabhal and Northton, Morning on Crogearraidh Mor, We watched the airwaves over Eaval, Aird a' Mhorain (a shaggy dog story), Lost on Beinn Sgiathain (the last one was finished in September, but I'm not going to split up the Uist trip!))
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