Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which nothing is restful

For two or three weeks now I have been having unusually vivid dreams - I'm a good dreamer at the best of times, and generally quite enjoy my adventures, but this is a level up again - not necessarily bad dreams, although some of them have been, and some the kind where you run around all night trying to get somewhere or find something, but detailed to a level I'm both impressed and surprised my brain can produce, because I don't have a very visual memory when I'm awake.

There didn't seem to be any particular reason for the start - when it happens for a single night it's usually physical exhaustion, as if I'm trying to fit a lot of intense sleeping into a short space of time - although since I find it very tiring to be so *busy* all night I can't really tell cause from effect at this point. It might have finally started to fade in the last night or two, although I did wake myself up ridiculously early this morning dreaming that I was choking to death, and then went back to sleep and dreamt something equally odd...

I am too tired for making decisions, which is unhelpful, because the Waverley sailings are cancelled this weekend and I will have to find something else to do instead - it's better if I just have a plan already, because then doing it is easier than deciding not to do it.

I could go and be a hillwomble, only I think it's going to pour with rain, and I told a Newcastle friend that if the Waverley was cancelled I would go to the dance he's in charge of, but the trains are all going round by Carlisle again. And I could go anywhere else, or climb a hill, especially on slightly drier Sunday, but it's not quite the same - the Waverley is restful in a way that even staying at home isn't, because you can just sit there and read and knit or think while it brings pretty scenery past you.

Bother you, Waverley. This is the second year in a row, never mind the Steaming Round The Island!
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