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To Rothesay in the rain

Obviously writing down my troubles was the right thing to do, because on Thursday I slept All Through The Night (with dreams that were no more than normally odd), and although I didn't quite manage that last night my dreams still seemed to be back to normal. It's amazing the difference even one good night made.

I did still get up ridiculously early this morning in order to go to Bute in the pouring rain, but less because I had planned it and it was easier than making a new plan (although it was) than because the thing I really couldn't face was getting halfway through a long wet afternoon and wishing I had gone out for the day after all - once I was out I could always wish I was inside, which is a much easier wish to fulfil.

So I went down to Kilchattan Bay at the end of the bus route, just because I could, and walked down not quite as far as the lighthouse, and then had a very 'island' lunch in the tearoom in the shop there.

The lady said she had fresh rolls, but that not everything on the menu was available, because it was into the winter season. So I asked if she had tuna, and she had a look and said yes, there were tins of tuna there - "but he never leaves me the tin opener". So she would have to go to her house and find hers, which she did - she said it was only next door - and made me a very tasty roll.

It later transpired that 'He' never leaves her a proper float either, so I can't help wondering what amazing adventures this unknown man is having every Saturday with a tin opener and a lot of small change...
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