Jen (ylla) wrote,

In which it has been a busy month

I seem to have been generally too busy doing things to ever get round to writing about them, and this weekend was really no different, being the fiddle festival - Friday night concert, Saturday little concerts and sessions and things, Saturday night skive off to a dance instead and then dash back for the end of the late night stuff, Sunday daytime as Saturday, Sunday night concert, fall into bed.

I hadn't signed up for any workshops this year, and for some reason there were no talks, so it was arguably a bit more relaxed than usual, but I'm shattered just the same, having gone into it a bit worn out. I'm not saying it wasn't worth it, though!

November is usually just a run from one event to the next - the weekend before that we went down to the Newcastle Highland Ball on the Friday night, where much dancing, talking and laughing ensued, and came home on the Saturday via a small waterfall - a nice walk up a little valley, with six bridges to cross.

I did consider going out again to the NS beginners' dance, but although my feet were ok, I was sleepy, and it was raining, and I didn't. Then on Sunday I went for another river walk, from Cramond Brig to the sea, and went to see Far Far from Ypres at the Usher Hall in the evening - so it was quite a busy weekend even without the second dance!

The weekend before that was the same kind of ideas in a different combination - Newcastle on the Friday night but for the Collingwood Society, who were having a sort of party called a Pickle Night (Pickle was the boat which brought the news of the victory at Trafalgar to England, but it was far more an excuse for getting drunk than any kind of historical commemoration!). Then I almost went up to Perth to the RSCDS AGM ball, because I'd been offered a lift home, but ran out of energy at the last minute.

Next weekend I don't think I'm doing anything in particular, which is probably a good thing.
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