Jen (ylla) wrote,

Endless tasks

I have started knitting another brioche stitch hat, which is almost certainly a very bad idea - when I did one in the summer I ended up thinking that I had lost interest in knitting, when really I was only tired of knitting the same thing endlessly and never getting anywhere. But the result is so pretty that here I am back again anyway.

(The problem is that on each round you slip the stitches of one colour and knit the stitches of the other, so that you have to go twice round before you've actually knitted all the stitches and made one row of knitting. At least that's one of the problems, the other being that you end up with such a tangle of new stitches from yarnovers and stitches knitted together that the only way to fix an earlier mistake is to undo it back to the place where it went wrong, rather than being able to drop one stitch back down the rows and pick it up again - but I've got better both at not going wrong and at noticing it quickly, so hopefully that will be less of a problem this time...)

I am also doing picowrimo with the aim of catching up a bit on book reports I haven't written (reading an Age of Sail book every month is still going quite well, writing about them not so much), so I'm just going to end up feeling like someone from a folk song condemned to sweep a beach clear of sand or something equally everlasting.

I could just not, of course - it's not like it matters to anyone except me - but I still actually want to. It's interesting to do, and I can feel it being good for me - not just for my moral fibre if I keep going, but exercise for my mind and for my writing skills. But it's hard work, and that's hard to do when you're tired.

I was going to go to Dundee on Saturday, but I can't walk where I want to because of things going bang, so I was going to the Pentlands, but I think I can't walk there because of clouds, so I might be going to the Union canal. Or not.
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