Jen (ylla) wrote,

Along the canal

Once again I have gone out for a walk and come back with a sore arm, which feels like history repeating itself far too soon - exactly the same combination of wet slippery ground and entire failure to pay attention, only this time it was the metal edge of a kind of pontoon on the canal. Quite a hard landing, so I think I'm also going to have a good bruise just below my hip - but at least I didn't land in the water.

A nice walk, but a grey damp day - I meant to get from the Kelpies to Croy, but was led astray at the start by a promise of information boards about the Charlotte Dundas (named for the real George Heneage Dundas's sister) if I wandered off in the other direction, so I didn't quite make it. Very topical, though, as I'd already been to look for their grandfather's grave in Falkirk!
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