Jen (ylla) wrote,

Day 15

I forgot to open the advent calendar today, because I was having a slightly hectic small adventure to Keswick and Carlisle, in spite of the weather forecast - mainly because every time I dash through Keswick I wish I had more time to potter round the shops, so I thought I might as well go back at shopping time. A grey morning and a wet and windy afternoon, but they're still nice places to be.

I ended up mostly buying things that were my own heart's desire, but since I have a mother who thinks I'm difficult to buy for, and a January birthday as well, this is not necessarily a bad thing. And I did buy some things for other people, and generally have a good time.

And I'm happy because I've managed to buy a Perfect Fleece - for about a year after I tore a small hole in my old one you couldn't seem to get full zip fleeces at all, and then when they came back none of them had zippy pockets to stop your things falling out, and when I did finally buy one like that, it didn't have pockets inside for putting your map.

But this one has zippy pockets on the outside, and rectangular pockets on the inside, and long sleeves to keep your hands warm in the cold, and is basically exactly the same as the old one only More Purple, which is possibly the only thing which could have improved on perfection. So I am pleased.

And although I did get mildly wet, neither I or the trains were blown away, so that was fine. I got more wet by managing to throw a pint of beer all over the pub table instead of drinking it!
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