Jen (ylla) wrote,

Day 16

Yesterday's advent calendar - more pins. These ones were thicker and had even fancier heads, so presumably really are blocking pins, while the last ones were more like normal sewing pins. But only three of them.

Today, more mysterious objects, shaped like small plastic socks. A bit like the things you used to get to sit on the end of your pencil when you were little, but they didn't look quite the right size to be for putting the ends of your knitting needles in.

I went out today to carry on walking the Forth and Clyde canal - slightly more of an undertaking than I had realised, because of the bit I missed out the last time. A nice day, if very cold, but quite often a thin layer of slush or snow underfoot.

In the end I just missed a local train at the Glasgow end, and had to find my way down to the main road to catch a very slow bus into town - I had meant to go out again to sing carols on the steps of Barclay's with tigger_boing and MM, but I was too late and too stiff and too cold through to the bones.
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