Jen (ylla) wrote,

Day 22

I forgot to open the advent calendar this morning, being too busy rushing off to Glasgow to walk the last section of the Forth and Clyde canal, which took up rather more of the day than I expected.

I got to Bowling not too much later than I hoped, just as it got dark, and just a bit too late for the half past four train - but back in Glasgow there were Christmas markets going on in both George Square and St Enoch Square, meaning that everywhere I tried to get something to eat at that end of town was packed out the door, so that eventually I wandered off to Pizza Express at the far end of Sauchiehall Street. It was quiet, but it was sevenish by the time I got there, and by the time I’d eaten and walked 15 minutes back again it was the 8.30 train I got home.

A nice walk, anyway, if a bit urban - and I have not yet got over the sight of a heron sitting in a TREE. This is not what herons do.

Once opened, the calendar turned out to contain plastic fish shapes - helpful in that they reminded me that I have some gummy fishes from Tarbert somewhere and must consult with vililee about the eating of them before they melt and stick to the bag (which has happened to us before), but once again I have no idea how they are supposed to help with knitting.
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