Jen (ylla) wrote,

Day 24

I thought the last day might be another big box, like day one, but it was a little one - more stitch markers shaped like round safety pins (or possibly safety pins shaped like round stitch markers), this time coloured gold.

I was out early enough this morning to see the sunrise - at the Gyle just as it opened at 9 - thick frost, and one of those delicately tinted pink and blue mornings, and later on white cloud lying over Fife, with the tops of the Lomond Hills showing above it.

I always finish off my Christmas shopping in a mad campaign at the last minute, partly because I quite enjoy it, but more because I never like buying things until I know I won’t see anything better. The downside to this is that sometimes things vanish before I’ve realised I want them…

But it all got done in the end!
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